LPHS – International Prospectus – Why does it still List German as a Subject Option?

LPHS have been aware since 23/11/09 that they would no longer be offering German Language  as a subject option so why does the International Prospectus referring to the years 2010-2011 (available from www.lphs.school.nz ) still list it as a optional subject years 9-13 after nearly 6 months?

The School has started a student exchange program with a German High School as German is the most spoken first language in Europe and the most learned second language it would be expected that students learning German at LPHS would be the beneficiaries of this. Perhaps dropping German Language is an embarrassment to Logan Park High School as a large proportion of the Foreign Fee Paying Students the school attracts are German or German speaking. I wonder has the school told its German Partners of its decision?

If the school has made a genuine mistake there should no problem with announcing the change of status prominently on their web page and correcting the prospectus. I must admit the lack of a formal public announcement confirming the disestablishment of the German language at LPHS is more than a little suspicious.  Year 9 students who had enrolled  for German in 2010 (approx 30) were advised by letter to late to change their school choices.  Why is LPHS so Secretive?

Where are the Education Review Office (ERO) why are  the not Auditing the effects of  poor administration on students? If I were a parent local or international i would be asking the hard questions of the school BOT and Management.

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  1. Well its now been over a week and still LPHS are promoting German in their International Prospectus are they totally out of touch, Incompetent or just plain dishonest? Certainly European Parents thinking of sending their youth to the school are being misled.


  2. Well its been nearly six months since LPHS dropped German and a month since I raised the issue here and still the international Prospectus lists German as an option for students. It would seem the new BOT has little interest in the honesty and integrity of their school or is it just that deception is considered a legitimate marketing tool by the management?


  3. Well there you go… How many months did it take them to correct the prospectus. Quite a few this school really hasn’t got the most competent management but at least they have one thing right now. They don’t teach German so they shouldn’t be pretending they do. I wonder who made this change? Good to see some positive change and some honesty. But I fear it’s a case of to little to late.


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