We started this Page/Blog to break through the veil of secrecy that surrounds the management of Logan Park High School (LPHS) in Dunedin.  You can read the entries so for by clicking on the home tab above or selecting the entries by date to your right. We get a lot of email through the contack us Tab that tell us that this is a nationwide problem.  We need to stamp out bullying at all levels in NZ Schools and put the professional back into school administration and to expose the incompetence, the lack of morals and ethics that can fester within tomorrows schools when the intended checks and balances fail. As a group we are people who have been affected by this but denied a voice by the school, BOT , Ministry of Education and failed  by the PPTA. Because we were only the partners of the teachers affected and not a part of the publicly funded “school community”. Yeah Right!

We disagree and demand to be heard. It’s time there was real change in the education sector in New Zealand and much more accountability. There needs to be a clear zero policy on bullying by management and independent investigations of all serious complaints possibly by the “Teachers Council” . Where cases are proven the people need to be exposed and driven from the profession. If the teachers aren’t safe in schools how can the students be?

As we have researched this over the past 2 years we have become aware that incidents of bullying of teachers are much more prevalent than we would have believed. Often the bullies gain protection though the lack of enforcement of the guidelines by the Ministry of Education. The investigations normally just consist of a request to the BOT that they are complying and this is accepted. You hear the magic words that “due process’ was followed when you know that no procedure existed and the evidence is of the Ministry of Education’s guidelines being ignored.

If there’s a need we will open up this forum to deal will other schools and BOT’s. We are certainly open to any further input, evidence or opinions.

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  1. Lily,People like you inspire me! This alrcite really hit home! My son has been a victim of bullying & it has devastated our entire family. Our religion has been questioned as well since this all took place in a Catholic school system. We cannot seem to get any help with the matter here in Indiana. And it hurts me to find out that this is still continuing in the same school to this day. The administration/staff/minister ignore what is going on and the dicipline is just not there. Repeatedly the students are rewarded for their behavior by allowing these students to participate in the same events that the victims take part in. The school is creating the future for these children What else can we do to keep this from happening? My son is still dealing with the aftermath .


  2. why you disagree and demand to be heard?


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