Did you know your senior management are entitled to the protection and membership of the PPTA?

The PPTA has failed to adapt to tomorrows schools, with the change over the senior managers took on the role of employers as agents of the BOT. It’s at this stage that the PPTA should have moved to change the membership status of people in these positions.  It would be very difficult for any member […]

PPTA Representation Contract, Fair?

When you join the PPTA and pay your fees direct from your salary an implied contract exists that should not require any further refinement.  All the services of the union should be available to you without further fee or additional terms and conditions.  That PPTA should require you to sign a further contract should you […]

Apology to all my regular readers

We have been very busy getting ready for court and it has eaten into my time. But it has also provided some very interesting information and research.  I won’t be publishing any of the court related material till after the event. But it has become very clear that there is a lot for the PPTA, […]

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