CAPNA what does it mean?

Could a CAPNA round be used as a bullying tool by management?
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Who can stop the Bullying of Teachers and How?

The Unions (PPTA, NZEI, IESA) The first step must be the Unions just recognising the problem and accepting responsibility for representing their member’s needs for security. Being prepared to take justified cases the full distance through the courts and set the precedents and dedicating there combined resources to disempowering the bullies. Cases of this type […]

NZ Teacher Registration/Practicing Certificate Process Misuse.

Practicing Certificates (PC) are the ultimate bullying tool provided by government. It is interesting that every 3 years every single registered teacher in New Zealand must apply for a renewal of their Practicing Certificate. This application is filled out by the Teacher then passed to their Professional Leader (Principal) who signs off that – This […]

LPHS Board Assurance Statement ERO Review 2009$File/376.htm?Open  It looks very good on the surface but I will dig a little deeper  Management of Health, Safety and Welfare;  No mention is made of the fact that the school was under review for teacher safety by the Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) Group of the Department of Labour (DOL). or that they had […]

Who Controls Management at Logan Park High School

What quality of management do we have in New Zealand Schools and just how accountable are they? Are there some better solutions?
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Disregarded Sick Leave – Fact or Myth?

Is deregarded Sick leave a right or just another tool the Ministry of Education can use to control teachers employment conditions? While pretending not to be the employer.
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LPHS Teacher workload calculations 2009 – Bullying?

NZ Secondary Teacher Workload it can be Measured so there is no reason for overloading. Why isn’t school management doing this and why arn’t the Ministry of Education and the PPTA insisting on measurement?
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(LPHS) 1st detail page added

Bullying of teachers at Logan Park High School in the spotlight
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We are not alone Bullying of teachers is international

I have added a UK site to the blog roll you can click on it to your right on the screen. What is interesting here is the level of settlements and the familiar themes. Precedents set in the UK are relevant in NZ if you have a personal grievance with your education employer in NZ […]

Is it safe in schools for teachers

Does the Ministry of Education supports bullying of teacher’s from their careers in NZ? Is the PPTA a lame duck with a conflict of interest in their representation?
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