Is it safe in schools for teachers

This BLOG is about the bullying by senior management of a teacher at Logan Park High School (LPHS) in Dunedin. It’s a story of unethical and dishonest behaviour by both the BOT and management and the failure of the checks and balances of both the Ministry of Education and the PPTA.  This is by no means a unique or isolated incident but this story is different because the teacher didn’t accept their settlement offer because she wouldn’t sign a secrecy and indemnity clause in favour of the school. Over the next few days I will chronicle the events so far and hopefully offer some strength to others in a similar situation and perhaps some ideas for moving forward.

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  1. Hi Lily,What a wonderful blog!I had a feamle student come to me just today about this very thing. She told me that some of the girls in my classroom had used bullying behavior by sending texts and emails to her. They had also deliberately shunned her. It shocked me to hear it, as I had not noticed. I immediately telephoned an assistant principal and asked if she had time to speak with the student. I mentioned that I had read about a official document entitled a stay away agreement currently being incorporated in our school district. She confirmed there is such a document. Then I sent the student to the assistant principal’s office. Afterwards, I made myself a promise to inform my students about this document which is available to students who feel bullied. I hope other teachers will do the same.Thanks again for airing this problem in our schools! DM


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