Novopay lumping non-taxable allowances into income and deducting TAX.

Non-taxable allowances such as Mileage Allowance have been added to Teachers taxable income and paid at lower than the lowest rate on the civil service scale. I would suggest the Ministry of Education’s payroll provider should be considering a name change from Talent2 to Talentless1 and any other organisation thinking of contracting their services should think again. I attempted to phone the senior management at Talent2 and was told by their telephonist that she was not allowed to transfer calls through. I left my details but the call hasn’t been returned after 8 days.

Novopay the largest botched IT implementation in New Zealand’s history just keeps on giving or not!

Novopay is likely to continue to haunt teachers well into the future specifically those that were not employed at the time of the conversion and whose MOE histories have been lost along with their MOE Numbers and income YTD figures. Where a new MOE number has been allocated these teachers are likely to find that when they do find a new permanent or fixed term position that their first few pays (if they get them) will be a huge disappointment. As they run into the new “Salary Assessment Unit” which will pay them at the minimum rate till they are able to prove their qualifications and entitlement. It will of course back pay them at some stage for any money found due. But it raises a real question here Teachers are made to pay for their registration and classroom certificates Police vetting etc. Now this new level exists not at the request of their employer the BOT’s but at the insistence of their “Clayton’s” employer the Ministry of Education.

Novopay gets it wrong again PAYE calculations for teachers who missed out last run wrong.

Adding insult to injury seems to be the talent of the Novopay project.  Teachers who missed pays and payslips last round should take a very close look at their PAYE deductions. The hours may be correct this time but the TAX has been calculated as though the earnings were for 2 weeks not 4 as it […]

Most if not all of the Teachers Paid – What now of Compensation?

I suggest to the MinEdu that they make an additional payment to the affected staff equal to the payment that was missed. This would make the payments directly proportional to the missed salary/wages of the individuals. As there are only 19 people involved this should be relatively inexpensive and the money could be recovered from the bonus budget for Senior Management and IT Department within the Ministry. They need to do something quickly or lose any good faith or trust they have left.

Ministry Admits to a Minimum of 5.5% Education Pays Wrong but problem much worse

Clearly the number unpaid is much higher than the number being claimed by the Ministry of Education. Between the Radio NZ and TV3 Articles, 8 staff in 2 schools are unpaid. Clearly the number 15 unpaid is a gross underestimation. If a bank were trying to operate on a tenth of error rate that has occurred here, they would be out of business before they got started. The Ministry of Education has a lot of trust to recover here and owes and open explanation to the staff affected. Not just meetings with the principals. Some teachers still remain unpaid and no compensation is being discussed when they are contacted.

New Teacher Payroll (Novopay) Fails to Deliver

This latest failure in the interests of saving money will have serious ramifications and should see pressure for real change within the Ministry or the sacking of Secretary of Education Lesley Longstone. Whichever way it goes I will be watching with interest. Its clear that the Minister cannot trust the advice of the Ministry.

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