More Lies from Secretary Lesley Longstone regarding Novopay

The Ministry is a signatory to the collective agreements and as such has a liability to the teachers affected by their inaction regarding Novopay error. Teachers should not be forced to attempt redress from innocent schools. That the Minister Hekia Parata and her associate Minister Craig Foss find the Dishonesty of the Staff of the Ministry of education acceptable is incredible and it calls into question the validity and reliability of all advice from the Ministry. The Ministry seems more like a headless dragon than a cohesive force for the advancement of education in this country.

Who are the Experts on the Novopay Governance Board?

I wrote to the Ministry of Education seeking information on the Novopay Governance Board Members. This Board is made up of Ministry and Talent2 management along with some “Payroll Experts” from the private sector.  The Ministry is being extremely protective of this group and I have uploaded a copy of their response. Experience has […]

Change in the wind at Novopay

Fulltime fixed term contract is on offer at the Ministry of Education although it appears they are looking for an internal secondment

Novopay lumping non-taxable allowances into income and deducting TAX.

Non-taxable allowances such as Mileage Allowance have been added to Teachers taxable income and paid at lower than the lowest rate on the civil service scale. I would suggest the Ministry of Education’s payroll provider should be considering a name change from Talent2 to Talentless1 and any other organisation thinking of contracting their services should think again. I attempted to phone the senior management at Talent2 and was told by their telephonist that she was not allowed to transfer calls through. I left my details but the call hasn’t been returned after 8 days.

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