Milestones reached and new Link on Bullying in NZ Workplaces

Well we have been going for just over a month now and we are fully searchable on Google and we have reached over a 1000 page views and over 100 users.  It seems teacher bullying is major in New Zealand.  I have added a new link (Workplace Bullying) it makes interesting reading and I would […]

Why the Obsession with Secrecy at LPHS – What’s being Hidden?

Back to the secrecy. Why does the Board of Trustees at LPHS need this, why do the management staff need an indemnity including themselves if everything is above the radar. I would suggest that any new board coming into governorship make it a priority to examine the past. To free the teachers who have been bullied from their positions from this onerous contractual clause and get to the truth, taking the action required to fee the school from the suppressive culture that infests the special character the school clearly use to have. It would be fantastic to have to rewrite this blog to a positive conclusion for all and see the BOT finally act in the interests of the school. Click the title for the full artical

It may be that the PPTA is the enemy of its membership

Just how supportive are the PPTA of their average teacher membership? are they a professional organisation? or just another tool of the sytem? should they be funded by government and not by overworked teachers? maybe they should not exist at all and move aside to make room for a more ethical organisation? lets see how this goes
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Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA) Friend or Foe?

How effective is the PPTA and do they have a conflict of interest? Are the contributions made by teachers being spent in their interests or are they subsidising management? Is there denial in the system and who’s responsibility is it to address the issues of workplace bullying in schools?
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Students of German & Teacher Disadvantaged by CAPNA

German stopped by bad decisions by LPHS BOT in CAPNA round disadvantage students and bring the school’s integrity into question. Just what is going on in secrecy at this school.
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What did happen to JHR Teaching German at LPHS?

Was there a long-term plan to bully the LPHS German teacher from her position. Who is running the school the BOT or Jane Johnson and Roger Tobin and just how honest and competent is this team.
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