Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA) Friend or Foe?

The issues for our victim of Logan Park High School (LPHS) have been simmering for nearly 2 Years.  What have the PPTA achieved during this period in terms of support for the victim and what have we learned about their activities.  It fascinated me that they would not stand up the LPHS management and BOT on any issue that would test evidence or reapportion blame to any other party in the school and seemed willing to sacrifice their member for a cheap hardly quick fix by only offering support for an exit package regardless of the members wishes.  I have included in the links a connection to the PSA’s site and advice on workplace bullying but it has proved impossible for me to make a similar discovery on the PPTA site. If somebody has found advice from the PPTA please let me know.  In the meantime the General Secretary has been in touch and declined further support for our victim apportioning responsibility to OSH and a collective reaction.  I have made an official information request to OSH to validate the PPTA’s activity in this area and will publish the results when I have the facts.

If I were a member of the PPTA I would be asking them if they manage their support for principles as a separate cost centre from the general teacher membership and if not why not?  Its may be possible that the victims are subsidising the support of their tormentors.  In any case is it reasonable for the PPTA to support both the Principals (CEO’s and advisors to the BOT) and the teachers? And how can they do this without a conflict of interest? Could make for a very interesting debate, more to come on this subject I am sure.  To the teachers who are emailing me please if you want your thoughts heard “comment” on your areas of interest either in support or not.  You can use an alias. I cannot publish the information you send on the contact us page but it is becoming clear that this is a huge problem in our schools.

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