Assaults by Students on Teachers at LPHS within the National Norms?

Last Tuesday three more teachers at Logan Park High School in Dunedin were assaulted by a student this brings to five the teacher victims at this school in the last 12 months. And yet again the principal Jane Johnson is downplaying the situation.  The Police in the Otago Daily Times (ODT) front page article of […]

Text of the Original Complaint to the LPHS Board of Trustees 10/11/09.

Health and Safety in Schools
Guidelines to the Health and Safety in Employment Act
The Health and Safety Code of Practice for State and State Integrated Schools
37.1 Where the board receives any complaint in respect of any matter covered by this Code, or which otherwise relates to the health and safety of people in the school, it shall immediately take steps to inquire into and resolve the complaint by taking appropriate action. Where immediate remedial action is not possible, the board shall take such steps as may be reasonable to minimise the hazard to which the complaint relates.

These Ministry of Education guidelines do not say get a legal opinion or avoid the complaint and I would have thought any suggestion of dishonesty would have been investigated by any competent BOT. I do not accept that the Board had any competent legal advice or if they did ever presented the full facts to the advisor

Some Questions that I will be Addressing over the Next Few Months.

NZQA – Why are NZCA Standards not delivered classroom Ready to Teachers? Why are thousands of teacher hours wasted on work that should be centralised?  Ministry of Education – Just what exactly do they do? What are the NEG’s, NAG’s and Guidelines and how enforceable are they?  Who is the real employer in education?  Does […]

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