Some Questions that I will be Addressing over the Next Few Months.

NZQA – Why are NZCA Standards not delivered classroom Ready to Teachers? Why are thousands of teacher hours wasted on work that should be centralised?

 Ministry of Education – Just what exactly do they do? What are the NEG’s, NAG’s and Guidelines and how enforceable are they?

 Who is the real employer in education?  Does the Ministry of Education wield to much influence without responsibility?

 Are there to many bureaucrats in education and how accountable should they be?

 Are teachers the least empowered people in education and the scapegoats for all the faults?

How important is honesty and integrity in our education system and who polices it.

 What besides the Education act defines Professional Leaders in schools and ensures their competence.

 How effective are the Education Review Office (ERO) and how detailed and comprehensive are their audits of school administration.

NZ Teachers Council how professional are they and why do practicing certificates take so long to renew? What are the procedures involved in investigating teacher competence and evaluating the validity of complaints.

 What are the policies on workplace bullying by the major players in education?

We now have over 300 regular readers so we are being noticed if you have anything to contributes to these questions please email me.

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