Welcome to the new BOT and is it time for a Public Inquiry into Education

Any System of administration must be judged on the on the worst case scenarios it allows to exist. Clearly Tomorrows Schools is open to abuse and there is no will on the part of the Education Review Office (ERO), the Ministry of Education or the Minister of Education Anne Tolley to address any of its failings or to address bullying in the workplace. It is time for at least a ministerial review or have things got so off balance we need a public inquiry and some heads to roll? I for one favour the latter. Click on the Title for the full Post.

LPHS – International Prospectus – Why does it still List German as a Subject Option?

LPHS have been aware since 23/11/09 that they would no longer be offering German Language  as a subject option so why does the International Prospectus referring to the years 2010-2011 (available from www.lphs.school.nz ) still list it as a optional subject years 9-13 after nearly 6 months? The School has started a student exchange program […]

Workplace Bullying should be a Criminal Offence

Why are we required to accept abuse at work? The Occupation Health and Safety Act and the ERA and Employment Court don’t draw a line between Physical and Psychological abuse why does our criminal system. I say its out of date and needs a revamp. Abuse is abuse and the employer employee relationship is one of trust it needs to be treated like the other relationships we have. We spend a large proportion of our lives at work we need to be safe. The idea that a victim of abuse is required to investigate it themselves and fund any prosecution is out of date and defies my concept of natural justice. Click on the title for the full Artical

Passing the Blame and Manipulating the Facts

The more I’ve dug here the more the school looks like a toxic cesspool and ethical wasteland and I am a long way from finished. Many LPHS teachers are afraid to provide support for colleagues for fear they may be the next target and management modifies facts to advance there goals leaving out vital information and denying natural justice.

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