Passing the Blame and Manipulating the Facts

Sorry I haven’t been putting much new stuff on the blog lately I have been very busy reading and examining the facts as the school presented them. If the consequences hadn’t been so serious it they would have made a great who dunnit.  But during this process things have taken a much more serious and sinister turn. It seems the Principal Jane Johnson and HOD Languages Barbara Fitzsimons have been putting it around that JHR was a beaten woman at home in an effort to explain her physical and mental state. In this they are acknowledging they were aware of damage they have done but trying to apportion blame away from themselves. Sorry girls that one wont wash but you will get the opportunity to explain yourselves that’s a promise. The more I’ve dug here the more the school looks like a toxic cesspool and ethical wasteland and I am a long way from finished. Many LPHS teachers are afraid to provide support for colleagues for fear they may be the next target and management modifies facts to advance there goals leaving out vital information and denying natural justice.  From the feedback I am getting in emails it’s clear that this is not unique to LPHS.  With the BOT elections parents are going to have an opportunity to remove the current incompetent board and get some real change and a better school. I for one would like to mix some legal cement with the sand Margi Macmurdo-Reading, Alex King and their fellow BOT members have their heads buried in and just leave them there.

I first approached the Board of Trustees(BOT) at LPHS late in 2008 regarding the honesty and integrity of their senior management team. Initially I expected that a simple phone call would have sufficed and the BOT would have resolved the problems “in house” however this was not to be and the chairperson required a written complaint that was hand delivered to the school on the 10/11/08.  The BOT’s response to this was an email reply titled “final response” stating that on legal advice they would not be taking any action on my complaint and to serve me with a trespass notice.  Also included was reference to the fact that I should cease contacting board member as individuals ( I had establish that most BOT members were unaware of my complaint and provided copies).   This blog is going to do what the board was unwilling to do. Examine the facts. And hold the perpetrators to account.  The PPTA have called a meeting at LPHS today I wonder what this is about. And I wonder why they are not meeting with us all seems a bit secret squirrel to me perhaps I will be enlightened soon. Are meetings planned for other schools?  Or is this more politics?

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