Assaults by Students on Teachers at LPHS within the National Norms?

Last Tuesday three more teachers at Logan Park High School in Dunedin were assaulted by a student this brings to five the teacher victims at this school in the last 12 months. And yet again the principal Jane Johnson is downplaying the situation.  The Police in the Otago Daily Times (ODT) front page article of […]

Some Questions that I will be Addressing over the Next Few Months.

NZQA – Why are NZCA Standards not delivered classroom Ready to Teachers? Why are thousands of teacher hours wasted on work that should be centralised?  Ministry of Education – Just what exactly do they do? What are the NEG’s, NAG’s and Guidelines and how enforceable are they?  Who is the real employer in education?  Does […]

Welcome to the new BOT and is it time for a Public Inquiry into Education

Any System of administration must be judged on the on the worst case scenarios it allows to exist. Clearly Tomorrows Schools is open to abuse and there is no will on the part of the Education Review Office (ERO), the Ministry of Education or the Minister of Education Anne Tolley to address any of its failings or to address bullying in the workplace. It is time for at least a ministerial review or have things got so off balance we need a public inquiry and some heads to roll? I for one favour the latter. Click on the Title for the full Post.

Workplace Bullying should be a Criminal Offence

Why are we required to accept abuse at work? The Occupation Health and Safety Act and the ERA and Employment Court don’t draw a line between Physical and Psychological abuse why does our criminal system. I say its out of date and needs a revamp. Abuse is abuse and the employer employee relationship is one of trust it needs to be treated like the other relationships we have. We spend a large proportion of our lives at work we need to be safe. The idea that a victim of abuse is required to investigate it themselves and fund any prosecution is out of date and defies my concept of natural justice. Click on the title for the full Artical

Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA) Friend or Foe?

How effective is the PPTA and do they have a conflict of interest? Are the contributions made by teachers being spent in their interests or are they subsidising management? Is there denial in the system and who’s responsibility is it to address the issues of workplace bullying in schools?
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Students of German & Teacher Disadvantaged by CAPNA

German stopped by bad decisions by LPHS BOT in CAPNA round disadvantage students and bring the school’s integrity into question. Just what is going on in secrecy at this school.
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What did happen to JHR Teaching German at LPHS?

Was there a long-term plan to bully the LPHS German teacher from her position. Who is running the school the BOT or Jane Johnson and Roger Tobin and just how honest and competent is this team.
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