It may be that the PPTA is the enemy of its membership

Well I’ve been quiet for a while but I am still writing but I’ve decided (I was asked to stay quiet and not give the surprises away) on the subject of the PPTA. Apparently they will be getting their day in court and I will report the facts here first.  But in the meantime I will focus back on LPHS and put the last weeks blogs on hold till the results are in.

To my regular readers I apologise but its results we need not the education is special message we have had to live with.  If I were a member of the PPTA I would be asking myself what benefit I actually get from them and if I am merely a subscriber and my fees are just a subscription.  Needless to say it your decision but take an RSS feed for the next major release.

I will however offer the following opinion. I wouldn’t ask the PPTA to return a hired DVD on the last day unless I was prepared to pay late fees.  Advice I would give is make sure that all meetings with your employer are recorded even if the PPTA is present. Don’t let yourself be bullied.

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