More Lies from Secretary Lesley Longstone regarding Novopay

TVNZ news tonight made an outrageous claim on behalf of the Ministry of Education that the 8000 errors from the first 2 pay rounds have now been cleared

I have information from teachers that say this is false. No money has arrived in their accounts. And there has been no contact from the Ministry.  Do Novopay actually know how many errors there really are?  I suspect not? The Ministry is most certainly aware of the people I am writing about I have seen emails from the Ministry promising resolution on specific days or pay rounds.

The Ministry is a signatory to the collective agreements and as such has a liability to the teachers affected by their inaction regarding Novopay error.  Teachers should not be forced to attempt redress from innocent schools.   That the Minister Hekia Parata and her associate Minister Craig Foss find the Dishonesty of the Staff of the Ministry of education acceptable is incredible and it calls into question the validity and reliability of all advice from the Ministry.  The Ministry seems more like a headless dragon than a cohesive force for the advancement of education in this country.

That Mr Foss has faith still in the Novopay Management defies belief.

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  1. what did parents do with this accident?


  2. do lies often occur?


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