CAPNA what does it mean?

It’s a tool used by the Ministry of Education to reduce the number of FTTE (Full Time Teacher Equivalent) units available in a school and save money it is supposed to be fair and based on good business decisions. Logan Park High School at the end of 2009 disestablished German as a subject as part of a CAPNA round. They have never referenced this on their website and if you look at their international prospectus you will find that it is still listed as an subject option year 9-13 for 2010 – 11.  This must be a huge embarrassment for the school as they have recently established a student exchange program with a German High School and a large proportion of their Foreign Fee Paying students are German.  Its interesting to note that the German teacher is the teacher that had been bullied by management Jane Johnson, Roger Tobin, Barbara Fitzsimons for over twelve months prior to this end.  Tomorrows post will detail the timelines and actions of these people and identify the cost on students. This will be a no holds barred recounting of a prolonged attempt to drive a teacher from her position with zero regard for students.

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