NZ Teacher Registration/Practicing Certificate Process Misuse.

Practicing Certificates (PC) are the ultimate bullying tool provided by government. It is interesting that every 3 years every single registered teacher in New Zealand must apply for a renewal of their Practicing Certificate. This application is filled out by the Teacher then passed to their Professional Leader (Principal) who signs off that –

This teacher is of good character and fit to be a teacher (refer to Guide for definition)

This teacher has had satisfactory recent teaching experience.

This teacher’s performance has been assessed as satisfactory against the Satisfactory Teacher Dimensions.

This teacher has completed satisfactory professional development.

 There is no facility for a Principal to withhold and no facility for the teacher to appeal to if the Principal does nothing, all these questions require simple “yes” or “no” answers that should be completed and the form forwarded to the NZ Teachers Council. Unfortunately at Logan Park High School the Principal Jane Johnson likes to fly under the radar.  Manipulating the process so Practising Certificate renewal becomes a bargaining tool of management for future “Exit Package” negotiation.  This is neither honest nor ethical and represents a gross misuse of power and abuse of process. Hardly the actions of a good employer or a competent “Professional Leader”. Who checks that the Professional Leader is of good character?

 This abuse serves a purpose for the school if they are able to bully a teacher from their position it will be extremely hard for them to find a new position especially if they had been a long serving staff member and keeps any unjustified competency procedure “in house” and prevents a school like Logan Park appearing as a statistical anomaly.  Regarding the excessive numbers of competency procedures started and resignations of long tenure teachers. Some one should be asking the question. 

It is interesting to note that ERO were in the school while this process was occurring and that the Teacher involved has since been exonerated with a new employer. Having been CAPNA’d she chose to work out her 30 weeks at another School.  Unfortunately she had to pay an additional late TAX of $50 because Johnson had not acted properly.  I would recommend that any teacher caught in a similar fashion lay an ethical complaint with the NZ Teachers council as early as possible. Lets put the bullies on notice. We’ve had enough. No More!

 This is yet another situation created by Government Policy that defies Natural Justice and the responsibility rests squarely with the Minister and Ministry of Education.  Not only are teacher’s jobs being put at risk but also their careers because the Ministry of Education denies any employer responsibilities. State Schools are not independent they operate under the laws and regulations administered by government and bureaucracy. Once again there are not the checks and balances needed to insure that BOT’s comply and statistical information that should be checked and reported on at review time is not sought. Why? Because no real review takes place of the integrity of  school management. Its time the Minister took a really close look at what’s going on in our Schools and really shook up the system.  Its great that the Ministry of Education is to be streamlined. But some things are already missing will there be less accountability and control.  Its time for a real shakeup and a re-evaluation of the way education administration works and a clear statement from the Minister of “zero” tolerance of all bullying in schools.

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