Did you know your senior management are entitled to the protection and membership of the PPTA?

The PPTA has failed to adapt to tomorrows schools, with the change over the senior managers took on the role of employers as agents of the BOT. It’s at this stage that the PPTA should have moved to change the membership status of people in these positions.  It would be very difficult for any member to stand up and express themselves at a meeting if members of their senior management are present.  These managers (Principals, Deputy’s and Assistants) would not be disadvantaged as SPANZ would welcome them, most are likely members of both organisations anyway.  It is time for the PPTA to reinvent itself and sort out the identity issues that have been created. Change can only be affected by the grass roots membership.  Hopefully this blog will help bring to light the failings and inform teachers of the real risks before it’s too late for some.

How much do senior management members  contribute to the PPTA’s  coffers and what is the cost of services provided to this group?  I don’t know because it is not broken down in the Balance Sheet.  But it is a very reasonable question for any member to ask.  Would it not be more responsible of the association if these matters were recorded as separate cost centres, and open to membership scrutiny.  What do you think?

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