Teacher Bullying Makes it onto Main Stream TV – TVNZ Sunday

I highly recommend that anyone with an interest in teacher bullying watches this program http://tvnz.co.nz/sunday/2012-03-18-video-4782517

It would be amazing to find out not only how well the students did but also where the senior management that Dannevirke High School referred to have moved on to. Who wants to bet that they are now working for the Ministry of Education? It seems to be the repository for failed school management and failed classroom teachers. It amazing how this group can spout on about excellence, while driving top flight teaches out of the classroom. I will make an effort to track the principal down.

Good on you Mr Smith for telling the truth bullying of teachers is rife in New Zealand schools and its time the competence and ethics of the perpetrators was called into question. Let’s see if the government has the will to act.

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  1. Nope. Nothing. The main response to the television programme was attacks from people who derided me for criticising the New Zealand education system. I did receive a few e-mails and letters from individual teachers thanking me for speaking up.

    New Zealand has now completely forgotten about the issue of teacher bullying and has moved on to arguing about whether teachers are entitled to receive the salaries they are owed.

    The Employment Relations Authority continues in its totally-useless mode of hearing complaints from teachers and then handing out completely-meaningless compensation awards for mistreatment. With awards effectively capped at $15,000, there is no chance that the threat of an Employment Relations Authority action will deter a bullying school’s abuse.


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