Teachers Jobs Now Less Secure than Politian’s

Teaching positions within New Zealand are now less secure than parliamentary ones.  Teaching positions come up for review every year through the CAPNA system and even full time permanent  jobs  can disappear overnight.  It’s very difficult to see how this can in anyway achieve the governments stated goal of rewarding the best teachers and keeping them in classrooms.  All the good ones will go to more secure employment.

If they really want to save money and improve teacher performance they should look within the Ministry of Education. If NZQA were to deliver material classroom ready hundreds of thousands of teacher hours could be allocated to more productive learning time for students.  The national party in parliament has no cohesive policy on education, just a lot of woolly thinking and ill-considered ideas.

Perhaps if we only paid politicians for the time they spend in parliament they may have more empathy for the position they constantly place teachers in. Politian’s only have to be nervous every 3 years and if they are high enough up on the list of a major party they are even more secure.

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  1. I read the blog.you are giving the excellent information about the teachers. every one have to think about that.


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