Is Discretion the Power of God and Who can be Trusted with it?

Discretion what exactly is it. The Ministry and the Education Act give an awful lot of this to Boards of Trustees (BOT) and Principals. To me discretion is the ability to make a discussion that is not likely to embarrass you in the future. To be fair and reasonable and show when you have power over the futures of others that you have a social conscience and a will for natural justice. On this basis I would list the past and current BOT of Logan Park High School (LPHS) as not fit to use discretion and their faith in the honesty and integrity of their Principal and chief advisor as badly misplaced. I met with the Ministry of Education yesterday and I, in good faith admit I was given a good hearing but it would take a lot more than an hour to cover the issues here. Reading the documents alone would take over a week. Anyway its been going on for two years now and I have little faith in the system but time will tell.  It’s the first time anyone from the Ministry of Education or LPHS has ever sat down with me so I will give them a chance and see where it goes.  But I for one would not be giving any more discretion to BOT’s or Principals until they show they can exercise it and that the Ministry of Education is able to monitor and control it.  Changes the Ministry wants to the collective agreement in this round would just hand more power to the bullies.

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