Point of no return

In the last few weeks I have been assured by the Ministry of Education that they had written to the BOT of Logan Park High School with some options for resolving the impasse one of which was an independent investigation of my claims. The board apparently met on the 14th October to discuss this and after seeking advice. I assume from the School Trustees Assn (STA) this option has been declined. I find this fascinating, if there was nothing to hide it would have put the matter to rest and me firmly in my place.  Seems to me that the  current BOT has continued along the same path of the previous incumbents this is not surprising as the current chair Mr Alex King was the deputy chair on the previous BOT and chaired last years CAPNA committee (whose conclusions were dubious). The fact that this BOT seem unable to act in “Good Faith” and as a “Good Employer“ as required by the State Sector Act and from their correspondence think compliance with the OSH Act is optional.

Mr King has in the past accused me of being “Vexatious”  I don’t believe this describes me but I would state that I consider the BOT of LPHS along with its senior Management to be Incompetent time wasters, Dishonest, Unethical and completely lacking in any form of Integrity.  They have up until now had options but put their faith in the abilities of their Principal Joy (Jane) Johnson and her Deputy Roger Tobin to solve the problem and that was never going to work. They have had opportunities personally but have not taken them up I certainly expect that their lack of action should have ramifications in their personal and professional capacities and they should either now resign or be fired. Their lack of action on the bullying and dishonesty by their senior staff I see as endorsement and approval and a failure by the ministry to now act promptly would also amount to approval.

This is a school in it death throws and radical action is required to bring it back to life. The school has been instructed by the Ministry of Education of disestablish a further 4 Full Time Teacher positions this year.  Neither the Ministry or the Staff should trust this management team. Issues of conflict of interest are poorly managed in this dysfunctional school. There needs to be a public inquiry and that should be extended to include the STA and its role. One thing this blog has achieved it that regular correspondents with me have shown that LPHS is not an isolated incident these issues are rife within education.

The web page has now had over 1300 visitors and is gaining in popularity with many 1000’s of page views and a very high ranking on search engines.  I apologise to all the correspondents I have not replied to but the share volume on emails makes this quite a slow process.  I am specifically interested in this latest CAPNA round and anyone who feels they may be getting shafted please drop me a line

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