Education Administration has Lost its Way in New Zealand

The Ministry of Education (Minedu), School Boards of Trustee’s (BOT’s), The School Trustees Association (STA) and the Education Review Office (ERO) have lost their way in the modern education environment.  They have forgotten their responsibilities under the State Sector Act.  Their focus tends to be that all issues in schools are employment related matters, This suits them as the cost and onus is on the victims to prove any wrong doing on non compliance matters hardly an act of good faith. The problem they have here is that I am not and never was an employee and they let their bullshit spill over into my life.   Comments like “in our Subjective opinion” and “at our discretion” have to be well thought through and the actions associated must match the requirements of a minefield of legislation. It’s the failure to consider all the relevant Act’s that is the flaw in their thinking and in the past it hasn’t produced any consequences for those who regularly transgress.  They BOT have never meet with me, just ignored the evidence and allowed the bullies to choose another victim.  All of these organisations are publicly funded and are accountable to the public. There has been no law change that would allow any publicly funded organisation to ignore the statutes that govern their responsibilities and public expectation is that the watch dog institutions we fund will protect our interests. At no time has anyone told me there is no basis to my claims. Instead they have simply either refused to investigate or ignored correspondence.  It should be clear to any reader that if there were no substance there would have been moves to shut me down months ago. I did receive one threatening call from a lawyer who didn’t want to name his client.  But he vanished quickly when I suggested we get to court as quickly as possible.

My research to date has found that the problems in schools are national and bullying is rife.  The question of any investigation must be how it spread so far and wide.  Has a state funded organisation accepted it as a norm and promoted it. There is clearly something very sick in our education system and it will require some heavy action and a complete change of culture to correct.  It’s not the teachers that are at fault, the cause is in the administration and management not only at the schools but the education sector as a group.

Logan Park High School has provided the perfect starting point for any investigation with a management that has failed on nearly every possible level.  Students are expected to pay the price of their past financial mismanagement.  Why do we never see the audited accounts for schools after all its public money and being able to see their performance and debt structures would better enable parents to choose a good school.  It seems ridiculous to me that students should at any stage be asked to pay the cost of relieving teachers when they go on field trip. Is the legal with our commitment to a free education at high school level?  It would be a very brave and wealthy parent that would trust the children’s education to this schools administration.

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