Happy New Year and Welcome.

We’re into our third year of this saga on workplace bullying in the education sector and I would like to wish all my followers a happy, prosperous and conflict free New Year.  To the bullies I would just like to say watch this space.

To the Many people who helped with scanning documents over the holiday period I offer my gratitude, it would have been impossible for me to manage this on my own.

But now we are back in business and I will be busy over the next few weeks commenting on and publishing the correspondence and documents received through the Official Information Act comprising what has been the so called investigation of this problem to date.  We will be painting a picture of deceit and ineptitude on the part of the state funded education organisations from the Minister’s Office down and asking the question. Why protecting Sows in pig crates, is more important to our government than protecting Teachers in schools? I have no idea of the answer the farmer is likely to end up in criminal court. A principal that bullies and stresses staff is more likely to get a cushy job in the public service.  It’s time for change.  I will be starting with the Prime Ministers (John Key) and working my way down through the Ministers Office and the various Education agencies including the Ministry of Education all the way back to the LPHS.  

To all those who were hoping I’d gone away “I’m Back” well rested and ready.

Let’s see if we can rattle a few cages.

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  1. Hi Shadow,
    Just happened across your blog. I could have written it. My experience of bullying at Christchurch Polytechnic and observation of the malicious and lying managment is identical. It has made me want to leave teaching altogether. I tried every recourse available to address the issue and it was all covered up or lied about. Others have been in a similar situation. Are we really completely powerless in the New Zealand system? Is the only justice here on paper?
    Would love to start a dialogue with other taechers.


    • Amazing thing here is its the same southern regional management at the ministry of education that could have taken action. did you report it to them?


      • Hi Shadow,
        No. Complained to higher management twice about the bullies and got two vindications in writing.Needed my union rep by my side. I realised now that I should l have taken legal action and that the rep was best friends with management and they were all terrified of another court case (some ways having been out of the country for so long and only having worked at CPIT before the bullying started. (more about that when I write it all up again!). This was in May 2009. By Jan 2010 they told me there were ‘no more hours” for me. I had just qualified withe a Cambridge teaching module with distinction in EAP and IELTS. A few weeks later a colleague was given an EAP course-no experience, no qualifcations for this specialised area-nothing. He told me he had about 1/186th Maori ancestory much to my surprise-he looks as pakeha as me. Me-I’m the wrong colour -first generation NZer with English and Scottish parents-and proud of it:) The human rights commission didn’t want to know me at first and I was told to get off the phone so they could deal with more relevant cases. I complained about this person and then someone did listen and finally agreed that yes this was racial discrimination. I went to the union a third time -a different rep- head of TEU-who then said in front of the head that I was paranoid. He also seemed very pally with them. I went to human resources about ‘harrassment’ and then wrote a letter to complain to the Dean of Humanities. This investigation was a joke and of course the cunning bullies had made sure most of it went on behind closed doors and lied. He of course belived them and concluded that I wasn’t harrassed. And of course there was an end;less delay dealing with the complaint: thre emonths in fact for various reasons they told me and then I found out that I could not take any action( legal) after three months had elapsed. So thanks Shadow but I don’t think or trust the people in any other education institution will be willing to help. BY the way havve you seen the stuff on the inernet about bullying in The NZ workplace? If the info is to be believed it is supposed to be the worts/ highest in the world. Something the smug incompetents don’t tell you about paradise!


        • I am now not sure the place you’re getting your inoiomatfrn, however good topic. I must spend some time studying more or working out more. Thank you for wonderful inoiomatfrn I used to be in search of this info for my mission.


  2. More than happy to put you in touch with others maggi. drop me a line in contact us and i will forward it for you. I don’t want to name any victims here or provide contact detail.. But you are a long way from alone




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