How to Fix Your Novopay Problem , some advice…

There seems to be a reoccurring theme with Novopay and the Media when an Education worker gets named on or identified in media they suddenly become a priority to correct and Leanne Gibson the manager of this group denies knowledge but promises action.

The Ministry should have set up an Email hotline for disgruntled and underpaid Teachers so that they had an accurate picture of the nature and scope of the problem and a clear record of every suffering through their incompetence.

Let’s do that now. You can email details of the error in your payment to Leanne Gibson at  This would be a huge assistance to the Novopay team who will be able to quickly fix the issues you have using their in house payroll experts.  It would also relieve her of having to constantly deny knowledge of the numbers  in the media and free her up to give more detailed and relevant information.

It would pay to copy your email to Craig Foss he is the Associate Minister in charge of Novopay changeover (he’s been really quiet) and just to make sure you don’t get lost in a crack it would also be helpful to advise the government’s de-facto spokesman on education John Key .  Surely with this group of high powered fixers on the job we will see rapid resolution but just to be sure copy it to your local MP and your union too.

Novopay  should also be publishing on their web page a detailed list of known problems so that all teachers would know what they needed to check on their payslips. Clearly from the varying figures given out through this saga by the Ministry and the Minister they have not been able to identify all the affected staff. 

The Ministry and  the Minister Hekia Parata have worked overtime on their spin and to minimise  public knowledge of the sckope and scale of this failure.  To the extent that teachers have lost trust, it’s time for some honesty.   In fact the all the Novopay utterances so far seem identical the south end product of a north bound bull.

Cut and paste this link  And Email it to other teachers and payroll administrators.

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  1. Children and young adults see a world in the media where builnlyg and name calling is the norm, where that passes for objective reporting and public discourse. They may hear their own parents express themselves in ways that are mostly name calling where they are repeating this norm without even realizing it. What is builnlyg a deeper symptom of? What might be causing it? In what way is it reflecting on us as adults? Where are we failing in not seeing this and understanding it from a macro and micro perspective? In what ways do we intervene with the bullies so that more kids who might otherwise choose to bully get a very clear message about the actions that will be taken if they make that choice? If a bully is not stopped when he or she is a child or young adult they will probably go on to bully spouses, family members, colleagues, their own children. A self-perpetuating cycle that we all share responsibility for stopping. What are our most effective actions as adults when we see other adults builnlyg anyone? My heart goes out to any child who is victimized by this destructive behavior. This is a collective responsibility and an important reminder for us to let the children and young adults in our lives know about this issue ahead of time so they are know they will be protected and it’s not their fault.Thank you, Lily, for your reminder, for your voice in advocacy for those who can’t advocate for themselves.


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