Teachers Jobs Now Less Secure than Politian’s

If they really want to save money and improve teacher performance they should look within the Ministry of Education. If NZQA were to deliver material classroom ready hundreds of thousands of teacher hour could be allocated to more productive learning for student. The national party in parliament has no cohesive policy on education, just a lot of woolly thinking and ill-considered ideas.

Teacher Bullying Makes it onto Main Stream TV – TVNZ Sunday

Good on you Mr Smith for telling the truth bullying of teachers is rife in New Zealand schools and its time the competence and ethics of the perpetrators was called into question. Let’s see if the government has the will to act.

Some of the Most Incompetent Teachers are now Principals

Who the hell is Pat Walsh, what exactly is he? http://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/top-stories/8836265/concern-over-teacher-competency/7/  I for one have little faith in people who rely on fractional statistics and no evidence and in principals that have only their own interests at heart. I wonder how many of them are actually just failed classroom teachers?  There is clear evidence of […]

Minister Anne Tolley and the Ministry of Education Endorse Workplace Bullying and Dishonesty.

Anne Tolley is most certainly the weakest and most ineffective Minister of Education we have ever known in this country. I for one am still waiting for the openness and accountability the National Party promised us before the last election.

Happy New Year and Welcome.

We’re into our third year of this saga on workplace bullying in the education sector and I would like to wish all my followers a happy, prosperous and conflict free New Year.  To the bullies I would just like to say watch this space. To the Many people who helped with scanning documents over the […]

Questions for The Ministry of Education

Yesterday I wrote to the Ministry of Education in Christchurch and will report back their response as a comment on this blog latter. It has become clear that the Ministry is satisfied that dishonesty and non compliance is an acceptable situation in the education sector and that bullying and incompetence can be swept under the […]

Is Discretion the Power of God and Who can be Trusted with it?

Discretion what exactly is it. The Ministry and the Education Act give an awful lot of this to Boards of Trustees (BOT) and Principals. To me discretion is the ability to make a discussion that is not likely to embarrass you in the future. To be fair and reasonable and show when you have power […]

Lies on Lies from Management at LPHS

ERO rely on the accuracy of the Board Assurance Statement (BAS) which is a self-audit checklist completed by the BOT as a true and accurate account of their compliance. I have received a copy of the LPHS BAS for 2009 and can see some glaring errors in that they claim compliance with and all reasonable […]

NZ Ministry of Education completely incompetent to administer the Education Act.

The Ministry of Education don’t want to know they just want to avoid. The guidelines they create are not policed actually every thing they seem to do is a waste of millions of dollars of tax payer money. The education act requires BOTs to be a “good Employer” and the ministry is responsible for administering the Act. But there will be many teachers driven from their careers before the ministry ever performs its responsibilities. We need a Minister prepared to force the issues and do her job the same applies to the secretary. The level of incompetence is amazing and it doesn’t rest with the classroom teachers. It’s in Karen Sewell’s lap and just how do you get past all the apologists to send an email directly to her. Who knows I for one will send them to Anne Tolley delegating to her that responsibility and ask her to pass them on perhaps she knows a direct connection.\\just send it Karen Sewell C/o anne.tolley@parliament.govt.nz Perhaps she knows how to get Mail to this over paid public servant. Or maybe the Minister will get sick of it and demand her secretary become more available to the people who pay her wages. Or even better get somebody better for the role.

The Principal Problem in Managing Schools in NZ

But lets take it a step further and get real managers into schools to manage the administration. For too long many of the managers (Principals) in our schools have lacked the training and experience for the job. Why do the CEO’s of our schools need to have a history as a teacher? What does teaching have to do with HR management, budgets, Balance Sheets and regulatory compliance. I’m not saying that teachers shouldn’t be allowed to aspire to that role but I am saying they should get the necessary management qualifications and practical experience outside of the school system first. CEO’s need to hold high levels of management skills, qualifications and sound knowledge of the regulations affecting the education industry. Because in the modern world it is an industry not just a sector. BOT’s need quality advice to make good decisions. The CEO could hold a fixed term position overlapping BOT elections by say 3 months allowing the incoming BOT to change direction or reaffirm

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